Compressor Oil: Choosing the Right Oil Compressor

There are different types of compressors depending on your usage requirements. A compressor is a component in many machines like air-conditioning, refrigerants, and vehicles. The main function of a compressor is to moderate the circling refrigerant inside the circuit, attracting it as a gas from the evaporator and after that packing it and conveying it at higher weight to the condenser. Important points about its maintenance include regular checking and usage of an appropriate type of compressor oil for its lubrication.

p_oil_changeTypes of Compressors:

Reciprocating compressors – or cylinder compressors, separated into hermetic, semi-hermetic and open, are utilized most importantly for applications with high cooling limit prerequisites. In the past these were additionally utilized as a part of utilizations with low cooling limits because of their low expenses, in any case they’ve logically been supplanted by rotating compressor.

These sorts of compressors receive a volumetric pressure framework utilizing cylinders and work much like an inner burning motor. The cylinders keep running all over inside chambers, delivering suction and pressure of the refrigerant gas. Every chamber has a suction valve for the gas refrigerant and a release valve to convey the gas to the condenser in the wake of having been packed.


Gas compressors – a gas compressor a mechanical gadget that builds the weight of a gas by diminishing its volume. An air compressor is a particular sort of gas compressor.

Compressors are like pumps: both expand the weight on a liquid and both can transport the liquid through a funnel. As gasses are compressible, the compressor additionally diminishes the volume of a gas. Fluids are generally incompressible; while some can be packed, the fundamental activity of a pump is to pressurize and transport fluids.


Screw compressors – depend on a component made up of two intermeshing screws, called rotors. As the rotors rotate, the liquid is attracted through the delta port, filling the volume between two projections.

At the point when the spaces between the flaps are loaded with liquid, suction stops, the liquid between the projections is then constrained because of revolution into an inexorably little space, creating pressure. At the point when the flaps achieve a specific position, the packed liquid is totally released through the outlet port. These compressors require copious grease because of the cross section of the two rotors. Plenteous grease and consequent cooling of the oil utilizing an exceptional warmth exchanger ensures higher pressure proportions than responding compressors, which means wide use in both refrigeration and ventilating (substantial chillers working on R410A).


Rotary vane compressors – comprise of a rotor with various sharp edges embedded in spiral spaces in the rotor. The rotor is mounted counterbalanced in a bigger lodging that is either roundabout or a more perplexing shape. As the rotor turns, sharp edges slide all through the openings keeping contact with the external mass of the housing.[1] Thus, a progression of expanding and diminishing volumes is made by the pivoting cutting edges. Turning Vane compressors are, with cylinder compressors one of the most established of compressor advances.

Why Hire Professionals for Your Video Production Dubai Project

With the digital revolution and the continued advancement of technology, it has become so easy to buy a camera and other video equipment and shoot your own videos. Who needs a video production Dubai service if you can just make your own videos, right?

TheStudio3Well, you might be able to afford the video equipment, but it would take time for you to learn the skills and specialties necessary to create a decent video work. Also, you need to have a good team or crew in order to shoot video that you can actually use for a wider audience. For example, if you want to create corporate video, you would need video production people who know what they are doing and know how to shoot images that are of high quality and can actually be presented for your company or business.

So if you have a video project, check out these very important points why you should get professional people in video production Dubai projects.


As we mentioned earlier, people can purchase video equipment, microphones, lights, and other accessories for their video production work. But what you get from professional video production people is their experience. It is not easy to create a video that can be for a mass audience. You need the experience to know what you are doing is correct and you also need to be able to handle difficult situations during shooting.

A professional video production company has the right people for the job. Most of the people working in a production team already have years of experience and have climbed up the corporate ladder in their company. These are the producers, writers, editors, and production staff that have been shooting numerous projects and have actually gone the rounds in different video production companies and therefore have a wealth of experience when it comes to producing videos for a wide-range of purposes.



Sometimes you have an idea but when you try to put it on video, you realize that what you want to say is not what is coming out. That’s when you need the creativity of people who have an aptitude for shooting videos and know how to translate your ideas or concepts effectively on video. There are many video production companies in Dubai that have a separate brainstorming or pre-production meeting for every project they have. During a brainstorming session, their creative people such as writers, animators, and designers usually talk about your concept and how to better translate that into your chosen medium. If you have creative people in your team, you have a better chance of producing a video that will grab the attention of your audience.


Next time you have a video production Dubai project, why not consider getting professionals for your work? You won’t only be getting reliable and experienced people to do the job, but also give yourself the chance to work on other important aspects of your business. At the end you will save more time, money, and effort for the duration of your video project.

How to Choose the Right Lube Oil for Your Vehicle

If you are a car owner or if you have a business related to engines and industrial equipment, you might have noticed that there are so many types of lube oil products around. All of these products claim they are the best and are of the highest quality. Some of them even claim that they will immediately improve the engine performance of your vehicle. Though these products are probably good, it doesn’t mean that they are the best fit for your car.

When choosing the right lube oil for your engine, the most important thing you should consider is what type of engine does your car have in the first place? Depending on the type of engine, the age of your car, and even how often you use it, there will be a best suited lube oil for it.


Older Cars

If your car is more than 10 years old or if you have driven it for around 100,000 kilometers, then you should definitely look at high-mileage lube oil or motor oils. Ordinary motor oils just won’t do the trick anymore. That’s because your car engine needs more protection from wear and tear and from parts not functioning properly because of old age.

When looking for high-mileage motor oil, you can always ask other car owners if there is a brand that they have been using for a long time and ask about it’s performance and price. You can go in the middle range when it comes to the price but remember to also do your own independent research about the brand and the specifications of the high-mileage oil you are thinking of buying. Some of these oils are better fit for light vehicles while some are for trucks and heavy equipment. When it doubt, ask your mechanic about their preferred brand for your vehicle.


High-performance Vehicles

If you have a car that has a bigger engine, then you probably need a synthetic lube oil for the job. Synthetic lube oil are of the highest quality oils made in labs and filtered many times in order to achieve maximum cleanliness of the oil. In the oil refinery labs, scientists also add substances to synthetic oil that help bring better protection and lubrication to the different parts of an engine. Usually synthetic oil is used for luxury car engines or for racing cars where there really needs to be a fast and efficient lubrication process because of the nature of how the engines are running (high-speed and lots of gear shifting).

The downside of synthetic oil is that it can really be on the expensive side. So if you are not really into racing and you do not use your car in high-performance situations and just use it for city driving, you don’t really need a synthetic oil. You can get away with ordinary or conventional motor oil but remember that you should really keep track of the period when you had an oil change. It is best to follow the manual of your car regarding the interval of your oil change.


Here are some more great tips about lube oil. Watch it now!