How to Get More Customers for Your Business

No matter where you are in the world now, if you are running your own small business or part of a bigger corporation, one thing you know for sure is that the world has become a very competitive one. Since globalization and the Internet, more and more entrepreneurs and companies are looking for ways how to expand their reach, tap new niche markets for their business, and have a lot of effective marketing strategies to gain new customers and keep loyal ones.


There are many ways how you can keep your business competitive and profitable without spending loads of cash on big advertising campaigns. You don’t have to set up a huge promo event, concert, or shoot a TV ad just to have presence in your industry. Let us take a look at some of the options you have as a small start up if you want to get more customers for your business.


Social Media Networks

Aside from having your company website, you must also have a very active social media presence where you can engage your customers and let them contribute to your marketing efforts by freely sharing, reposting, commenting, and recommending your services and products to other people. If you take care of your social media accounts, you can also build a very strong presence online, which will then translate to more interest in your company and eventually more profit in sales.

So how do you create a strong social media presence? A good way to start is to create simple and relevant content that you can post on your social media accounts. This can be a very simple inspirational quote or a professionally designed infographic about a product or service that is directly related to the one you are offering. If you have daily posts that are useful for your social media followers, then you can slowly but surely build a good reputation online and people will naturally get interested and follow your accounts and pages. Through this you will surely gain more customers without even pouring so much money on traditional marketing efforts.


Advertise on Printed Media

Ok, not that you have covered the online world, be sure that you also do something to cover the traditional media. For example, find business magazines that have a very wide readership in your area or that caters exclusively to the products or services related to your business. Have a short add placed on magazines and newspapers and you can already send out your message to potential customers who may not be on social media or spend a lot of time online.

Another way to get more coverage is to have some brochures or flyers distributed to potential customers during trade shows, seminars, or sponsored events that are related to your products and services. Doing these strategies will ensure that you also get to create awareness about your company not just on the Internet but also to areas and people who may not be as active online. You can make sure that you also cater to the people who might need your services and products but don’t actually use the Internet or social media.

Company Setup in Dubai

Need information on how you can start your business in Dubai? We have what you need to know right here.


Reasons Why You Should Setup in Dubai

As the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has become a business hub in the Middle East. It has risen as a key player in the worldwide economy essentially on account of its focal area connecting two noteworthy landmasses—Asia and Europe.

Dubai has been an appealing business center for local and foreign business people due to its good financial incentives, transparency of government, and state-of-the-art facilities for services and business. For example, the city offers 100% exclusion from corporate duty, salary or income tax, and no VAT and Sales charges. As a business, you can likewise have 100% repatriation of your organization profit and have the benefit to open a nearby ledger in Dubai without having a physical branch office in the city.

Beside the numerous benefits for business people offered tin the city, company setup Dubai is also perfect for outside investors because a foreign investor can likewise effectively acclimate to the way of life and society of Dubai as it is an “open city” where 85% of the populace is comprised of foreigners or expatriates. The city likewise has exceptionally modern infrastructure, a very much alive nightlife and tourism, and a considerable measure of intriguing offerings with regards to engineering, society, and expressions of the human experience.


Some Facts About Your Company Setup in Dubai

Before you gather your things and make a beeline for the UAE, here is a review on what you have to consider when setting up your business in Dubai:

Find a Local Partner for your Busines

If you would like to conduct your business operations inside of Dubai and the UAE, then you need a UAE national as shareholder of your organization. He/she should take no less than 51% of the business or shares, which will permit your business to work and be found anyplace in Dubai.

That being said, it is necessary that you find somebody who is also very interested in making your business successful in Dubai. Keep in mind, a local partner or supporter is for paper, as well as for having somebody to help you confront powers along the way.

You Need to Prepare Your Initial Capital

 We have all heard the superb things about Dubai with regards to budgetary motivations for organizations who might need to setup shop there. In any case, you would at present need adequate capital so as to begin your operations.

Obviously having a if you have a local partner that can share the initial cash flow for the company incorporation, that would be a great help already. However you should likewise consider charges for visas, exchange permit, office rent, protection, and different random expenses. By information, organizations who might want to setup in a Dubai Free Zone need about Dh 300,000 to Dh 1 million. Setting up outside of the free zone will be less costly however will oblige you to locate a neighborhood support.


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