Don’t Annoy Your Website Visitors with These Silly Web Design Concepts

You always read about articles explaining tried and tested methods of how you can get great web design for your site. So to make this article more interesting and different, we will talk about the things you should not do if you don’t want to annoy your site visitors. These are like the trade secrets of some of the best web design in Dubai and now we will reveal them to you!

Annoying Design No.1: Disorganized Content and Pop Ups

Nothing irritates website visitors more than content that’s scattered and a hundred of pop ups windows that start blaring on its own. Pop ups may be good if the information they contain is helpful, but they are super annoying when they just happen to pop up at anytime, anywhere without really bringing in new information.

When making your web design, try to have concise content that is direct and useful to your site visitors. Do not try to overload your website by putting all the information you want to share right there on the landing page. The best way to do it is to have a short overview of the most important information you want your visitors to know and then prompt them to e-mail or contact your office if they need more detailed information about your products or services.


Annoying Design No. 2: Crazy Navigation Buttons

Oh yeah, there is also those annoying navigation buttons that seem to cause more confusion than helping readers figure out your website. Some websites make the mistake of putting a lot of navigation buttons and drop-down buttons thinking that visitors would have an easier time if they have many buttons to choose from. Having these crazy navigation buttons will only confuse your visitors and frustrate them as they spend a lot of time trying to figure out your navigation buttons.

Instead of putting navigation buttons with a lot more sub-buttons, why not place the most common navigation buttons which also highlight the most important information your visitors need to know. When they want more info, you can always direct them to your Contacts Page and ask them to contact you directly.


Annoying Design No. 3: Websites that Look Cheap and Unprofessional

Maybe you are a start-up company or a one-man online business trying to get your piece of the pie in the online business world. Or you could be an established business looking to revamp your current web design. No matter your situation, one thing remains the same: websites need to look professional in order to convince your visitors that you are legitimate business.

So do yourself a favor and don’t try to do a D.I.Y. for your website if you think you are not capable of creating a decent-looking one. The best approach would be to ask a friend who knows more about web design or go to a company that offers the service at a reasonable price. From there, you can work with the designers in conceptualizing your web design and have the most efficient and user-friendly site for your business.



Best Photography in Dubai: How to Get The Best Professional Photography Services

When you have special events like corporate gatherings, anniversaries, family reunions, fund raisers, or other similar occasions, you should always get a professional photographer to handle the task of taking photos and important images to record and cover the event. Getting a professional photographer will ensure that you have the material you need to remember the occasion and also high quality images you can use if you need to publish a write-up for the event.


So when searching for the right professional photographer, what exactly should you keep in mind? There are a lot of studios and photographers out there so how can you choose the right one for your event? Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing your event photographer:



In order to get the best photography in Dubai, you must also get an experienced photographer to handle your event coverage. When you visit the photographer’s website, try to study their portfolio and see if their style fits your event. An experienced photographer would already have the know-how on shooting different types of events and therefore you can be sure that you will have the photos you need and even have them in the best quality for future use.

Getting an experienced photographer means you also guaranteed professionalism when it comes to covering your event. Experienced photographers know how to not “get in the way” of guests and activities when shooting events so you would not need to worry about annoying your guests and disrupting any activity in the event.



Cost of the Coverage

Another factor your should consider when choosing your photographer is the cost. You should balance the cost of his or her services with the experience she or he is putting into your event coverage. Depending on your budget, you can get experienced photographers for a reasonable price and their packages would also depend on their years of experience, output, and the type of event you want them to cover.

In general, you would need to call up at least 3 photographers to compare their rates and packages. You will also need to ask them about their availability and make sure they are the ones shooting at your event because some greedy photographers try to send their staff instead of them really the one taking the photos. So just make sure you make it clear to the photographer that he or she should be the one taking photos and not sending other photographers to do their job for them so they can do two events in one day.



You don’t need to be a technical person in order to understand if your photographer has the best equipment to do the job. All you need to know is if he or she is using up-to-date cameras and have the necessary equipment like tripods, back-up drives, and skeleton crew to help him or her out during the shoot. The reason why you are getting professionals is of course because of their high-end equipment and not just their smartphones or tablets!


Source: Emirates Photography Competition